A Life-Changing Chic Derby Affair

The Pink Empowerment 2021 event was held on 12 June, under the theme Reinvent Me. It was a chic derby brunch and luncheon worth attending. The programme was well attended and hosted at the Wine Bar and Restaurant, in Windhoek. The ladies were entertained with live music by The Ells.

The speakers included the likes of Melanie Meiring, the founder and CEO of SOA Windhoek; Sybil Somaes, the MD of Compli-Serve Namibia; Lisa Matomola, the Managing Consultant of Hito HR and Training Consultants; Rosa Immanuel, the co-founder of Tulonga Foundation; Daisry Mathias, the President’s Advisor on Youth Matters and Enterprise, as well as Emilia Nghikembua, the CEO of CRAN.

The speakers presented on a variety of topics by way of sharing their personal experiences and journeys, just as the Pink Empowerment slogan states, ‘Empowering Women through Shared Experiences’. The topics were; How to leverage at a networking event, by Melanie; Defining yourself beyond your title, by Sybil; Professional development is a personal path, by Lisa; Understanding seasons, by Rosa; The making of a leader through coaching, by Daisry and The impact of personal mastery in an uncertain ecosystem, by Emilia. The message that came across strongly in all the presentations was that, authenticity and healthy purposeful relationships are key in the process of reinventing oneself.

Each of the speakers agreed to the events proposition to them to coach at least one lady in the audience. A total of 10 of the 2021 Pink Empowerment attendees will undergo a minimum of four (4) weeks’ leadership coaching facilitated by the six (6) speakers respectively. The 10 lucky ladies were selected through a voluntary draw, that morning.

The feedback from those who attended was nothing less than encouraging. Perhaps one statement that was made by at least 80% of the attendees was that, ‘the speakers complemented each other so well, even though they were so diverse and had a unique message to share’.

On behalf of a brand that is established to facilitate empowering networking events and engaging professional conversations, I would like to appreciate the speakers for a great and unforgettable programme and the attendees for their positive energy and interest in the Pink Empowerment 2021.

I look forward to seeing you all at Pink Empowerment 2022. Come back reinvented and ever more empowered.

Chaze Nalisa