Empowering women

through shared experiences
Pink Empowerment is a Namibian establishment, which was founded in 2016. The platform hosts professional (career and business) women, from all industries. The objective is to engage and network over critical matters that impact their professional and leadership progression.

Our Vision

To contribute to generations of empowered female leaders world-wide

Our Mission

To facilitate at least one impactful networking event or programme, every year, through the collaborative efforts or contributions of various female and male influencers.

Our Values

Collaboration – together we have impact
Knowledge sharing – knowledge shared is a sustainable resource
Forward thinking – we are doing today for tomorrow

The Pink name

  • The color pink is associated with soft (feminine) emotions. Emotional intelligence is a much sought after soft skill and leadership quality of our time.
  • In today’s business world, being a woman is in itself a competitive advantage.
  • Women no longer have to take a masculine approach to doing business and getting work done.
  • Skills, competencies, knowledge and experience are not aware of what gender the beholder is.
  • Women must embrace their biological make-up, their ‘feminine’ personalities and their ‘softer’ characteristics, as this is what makes them powerful and capable of making a sustainable difference.
  • Women must collaborate more with one another and empower each other as often as they can.

The Pink slogan

The platform facilitates conversations that empower a diverse gathering of women through the sharing of practical, realistic and relevant knowledge. Hence the slogan, “Empowering Women through Shared Experiences”.


In the first five years of its establishment, the slogan was “Women Empowering Women through Shared Experiences”, however in the spirit of inclusion and wider access to empowering assets, the slogan was enhanced in November 2020 to “Empowering Women through Shared Experiences”, therefore not limiting the sources of empowerment to one gender (female).